So you have undertaken our Spring Sorting tips – and now you have this pile of clothes to deal with….. You may say it is somewhat smaller than before – but still you want to be able to find things in your wardrobe, as well as have it look like a David Jones clothes display!


Personally, I love an organised and beautiful wardrobe.  Not only is it pleasing to the eye, but I actually wear more of the clothes hanging there, instead of the same old jeans, white sneakers and a long sleeve t-shirt (my winter uniform) – I enjoy pulling out a pretty shirt, some pants I forgot I had before tidying up and even a pair of shoes in need of a good outing.


When sorting my wardrobe, firstly I ensure I have ample thin velvet matching hangers.  I love the pale linen coloured ones – nothing slips off them, and they take up much less room than their plastic or wooden cousins.


Next I sort things into jackets, shirts, vests, pants, t-shirts, gym gear and sweaters.


Hanging all the shirts, jackets and vests – I then sort by colour – putting the dark black and blues at one end and gradually working toward the whites in each section.  Not only does it look pretty, but makes getting dressed so much faster as it’s simple to find what you are after.  Making sure all the hangers are facing the same way – will ensure the look is streamlined and organised.


Then fold all the t-shirts and sweaters with a special “clothes folder”,so that you can store things vertically a la Marie Kondo in your chest of drawers.  It’s pure genius – not only can you see everything – you fit ten times more in each drawer!  Add some colour coding again to the drawers – and you are in wardrobe heaven.


There are always tricky things like socks, knickers and bras.  I like to use drawer dividers to keep them in order.  These can be shoe boxes, Tupperware or purpose bought items from Ikea for corralling your smalls. Whatever you decide to use – roll your knickers, fold your socks and store bras separately for an easy to manage drawer.


At first – it may seem like there’s a lot to do in organising your wardrobe – but it’s honestly so worth it.  I would love to hear how you go with sorting your stuff…. have a go and then upload your snaps with hashtag #perfectlysortedwardrobe and we will share with our social friends what you have been up to.


Until next time… yours in sorting

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