Getting Into Your Zone

Where do you feel your most inspired? Where are you most productive and content?

I’ll bet it’s when you are in a beautiful place… that could be at the beach, on a picnic with a gorgeous view or just sitting on your front porch enjoying the sunset.

This is why where you work needs to be an inspiring and happy place.

The amazing fit outs at Google, Apple and YouTube have to be seen to be believed. Live trees in the Apple Stores and even a golf putting green in YouTube’s California HQ. Why have these mega-companies invested so much into their work spaces? Because they believe in their staff. They believe that a happy and productive workforce = a productive workforce operating at their peak. And with the reputation they have, you could say they’re onto something!

So what can you do to make YOUR workspace more productive?
You may not have space for 20 beanbags, a jukebox, yoga room or skate park, but a few essentials can really transform your work environment.

Great lighting is so important, even better if it’s natural light! It’s proven sunlight makes us happy, can improve bone growth, and strengthens the immune system.

Playing with colour, textures and furnishings can also help to make people content which translates to better business.

Which brings me to the next room…

Are you making a grand entrance?
Is your reception area reminiscent of Fawlty Towers? If so, consider instead a “wow” experience for clients, so where you work and what you do, reflects your skills and professionalism. I’m not suggesting you go off and attempt a Google-sized office renovation. But there are some simple things and ideas we can take from these companies.

A breakout room or somewhere relaxed and comfortable to sit is perfect for sharing a coffee and workshopping brilliance. With the average of 38 hours a week in work environment, ensure yours is Perfectly Sorted for creativity and productivity!

Still at a loss as to HOW to get into your zone?
What do you do when you have to host 30 kids for a birthday party? You outsource the space!
What do you do when your loo has gone and it’s your turn to host book club? You outsource the space!
Can you guess where we’re going with this… When you’re home working space is driving you batty and you seem to be doing more washing than working, outsource the space! Check out or co-working space online:

Or come in and visit us: 87 Lions Drive, Mudgee


Yours Perfectly

Ali x


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