8 tips to styling cushions in your home

A few well selected cushions can add colour and style to any space. We’ve put together our top tips for choosing the perfect cushions for your home.

  1. Identify the room - bedroom vs living room. If styling a bedroom - I like to see 5 cushions on a double, queen or king size bed. Start with two of a large size - 60x60 Euro cushions are ideal, followed by 2 smaller matching sized cushions, and then one lumbar or long rectangular cushion. If a living room - there will be considerations for furniture function and size.

  2. Identify the main 3 colours to coordinate and highlight features of your room - these are going to form the basis for your cushion selections. For example you may select natural, black and olive, or navy, white and tan - depending on your carpets, lamps, curtains and other decor accessories. The cushions you select will need to have at least one of these colours to tie the room together.

  3. Mix up the sizes and shapes - The approach stylists use today is to mix sizes, textures and shapes when selecting groups of cushions. For example a 55 x 55cm square mixed with 60x40 cm or 70 x 30cm rectangles or lumbar cushions with perhaps some 50x50cm makes for a lovely relaxed and inviting combination.

  4. Textures and tones - For interest, a combination of fabrics is best - choose from velvet, linen, silk, wool, felt, corduroy, canvas or even animal hides. Consider fringes, pompoms, piping, embroidery and even ribbons for added texture and decorative touch.

  5. Inners sizing and composition - Though you cannot see these - the inner is very important. First consider size - if your cover is 55x55cm consider a 60x60cm inner for fullness and generosity. The golden rule is to upsize your inner for maximum comfort and beauty. Secondly - where possible choose generous feather inners. Good quality down will last for years to come and is well worth it. Poly or foam inners are best kept for outdoor cushions (as they dry more easily). Good feather inners can cost an extra $10-15 per cushion - but like any good investment - you’ll be so thankful you made the decision upfront, and these will allow a good “chop” of the cushion - so your home can look just like a glossy mag!

  6. Seasonal updates - Like a new lipstick with an outfit - new cushions can transform and lift a space. With winter approaching - our favourite velvets and corduroy cushions will add cosiness and warmth to your home. Just as you reach for a snuggly sweater - make your sofa a winter warmer with some new cosy cushions. When the warmer weather arrives - you may want to update with fresh linens and crisp florals for that springtime lift in your home. You can also mix between rooms for an update - swapping those from a living room to a guest room or bedroom.

  7. How many? Too many or not enough? - Where possible, stick with odd numbers - as humans we find this more aesthetically pleasing. Bed - as above - use 5 for a large bed or 2-3 for a single. Armchair - one cushion is fine, though a small and large is still an option if size and shape permit. Sofa - depending on the size; 3 in one corner and 2 in the other, or if it is large you could try 3 in each corner with a long lumbar in the centre.

  8. Have Fun! The most important advice experiment and try things out. You really cannot go wrong if you follow our guide and practice at home.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, pop in to Perfectly Sorted Home Mudgee for personalised style advice from our team.